Nokia is Doomed; Atleast in Pakistan it is.

It wasn’t long ago when Nokia was making headlines, for all the wrong reasons, citing the infamous deal between Nokia and Microsoft. And now it’s in the news all over again, but this for all the right reasons… or maybe Not!

It seemed though that Nokia, had collapsed but not because of it’s own weight as it was a tech ‘giant’, but rather under the superly massive weight of its ego; a trait that it developed after staying at the top of mobile market for a few decades.

I think that the last needs no explainations as the simple sentences speak for themselves, speak truth and speak it well.

How did we end up here?

Simple ! When Iphone hit the market (and hit it really hard) Google decided to take its shot (and risk) by unleashing the beast. Although the beast was much less ferrocious and frightening in terms of looks, and quite opposite one might say, but it surely was the the remedy for the rotten Apple (would explain that later). As even a two years old might the beast was “Android”

But Nokia blinded by its own might and pride didn’t agree with that and Microsoft felt it and felt it really deep and truly played its role. Seizing the opportunity, the opponents of both Nokia and Apple teamed up and created such circumstances where it became very convenient for Microsoft and Nokia to fall in love. Unfortunely, this love didn’t work out well for Nokia. Maybe should’ve read the label on the bottle of love which read “Stay away from Stupidity”. Eventually the major side effect this drug that Nokia took to get high (again) turned out to be “Paralysis and Psychosis” instead of “Blindness” which is more common in its users.

Maybe it was a mistake but the realization came a little late for both Microsoft and Nokia.

However, Microsoft suffered some losses too, as stocks suggested, but they were nothing when compared to those suffered by Nokia. Maybe Microsoft a few cents but Nokia lost the very thing that it, and its customers, held dear; name (trademark precisely).

So how does Pakistan fit in the picture?

Well the answer is not that complicated, maybe not at all, it is simple.

A few days ago Nokia revisited the country where its glory prevailed for years. While gone, it was missed, and dearly missed. After the apparent demise of Nokia in international market it also began to fade away in Pakistan’s too. Here it surely was the favorite brand of middle and lower class if not for elite who preferred so-called “brands” like Blackberry etc.

However, while gone, it left a vacuum behind. Unfortunately, unlike the now-gone Nokia, this opportunity was not ‘missed’. Soon the gap was filled by then new-comers like Qmobile (and rest of the imposters) and more recently Samsung, whose vigorous marketing fine build quality paid off in an excellant manner. In shorter and simpler words, Nokia now has got a very tough competition ahead.

But that’s not it. There are other factors that pose a major threat its “comeback”. Firstly, in recent years the secondhand cell market has florished , and continues to, like never before i.e. People don’t need a Nokia with 2GB for 16 thousands when they can get another phone with a better label for 10 thousands. 

Furthermore, demands are not the same for consumers, their minds are different now. People today, from lower and middle class want to feel more elite-ish than they ever did before and buying a smuggled unofficial Iphone from a local store does that job pretty well. 

Too long for an article, our journey must end now. Not because a final judgement is handed out but rather because the ‘point has been made’. 

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Agha Ali Haider

A med student currently studying medicine in Pakistan. An extrovert, I enjoy travelling places miles away from home. I enjoy the company of computers and friends. Keyboard is my best friend 😀