Affordable Used Automotive Price in Pakistan. “2017 estimates” 1ST Edition

This list will be constantly kept under updates. So please keep in touch.

Heavy/Sports Bikes

Ducati Red

Engine Power: 200 cc
Estimated Price (best): 150000 – 250000 Rs.

Engine Power: 100 – 150 cc
Price: Below 150000 Rs

Motor Bikes

Black Bike

Engine Power: 70cc
Est. Price(avg): 15000 to 20000 : Local Brands
Est. Price(avg): 35000 – 50000 :  Honda and Rest. (Price may increase by 20000 for newer Models)


Red Ferrari

  1. Sports Car
    McLaren 570S Coupe Launch 2015 Portimao

    Currently Not Affordable by Most Pakistanis

  2. Honda Cars

    Three Honda Cars

    Honda City: Around 10 to 12 Laks
    *Price May very according to the year and engine size

  3. Toyota

    White Corolla

    Most in Demand is Corolla which is Above 12 Laks
    Xli version is around 1lak cheaper than Gli Version

  4. Suzuki

    Red Suzuki

    Mehran: Around 4 Laks
    Cultus: Around 6 to 8 Laks

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    *Please Keep in mind that these are price estimates for Models that can be bought by Middle Class Families.
    *The Price tags for same Products/Brands may be much higher in the overall Auto Market.